On the  occasion of the 28th Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology held in Rome, Italy on the 1-4th September 2016, INPHET organized on August 31st two satellite events:

The overall objectives of these two events was to take stock of how Environmental Public Health Tracking can be implemented in different countries and contexts and used to address scientific needs and the translation of science into action to better support public health decision-making. But another more challenging aim was to lay the groundwork for a tangible development of  the network arranged in a more pragmatic manner both in terms of activities and in terms of organization. As far as the organization is concerned a business meeting was held on September 1st, the results of which will be reported at a later time with a brief report and last but not least with a few proposals to strengthen the development of INPHET and support the activities of the members of our network.

These two meetings  were useful for focusing on some practical activities that could be carried out to demonstrate the opportunities of this network such as will be further defined by groups on:

  • Tracking of Outdoor air pollution
  • Tracking  of Carbon Monoxide – international collaboration including on global burden of disease
  • Biomonitoring
  • Developing countries cooperation
  • Public health response to disasters
  • others

On both occasions the participation was larger than expected by the organizers. The attendees  were from North America, Asia, South Pacific and Europe.

On this page you can find  the presentations and some pictures which represent a few some moments of the two meetings.

Environmental Public Health Tracking: 
Experiences and Tools to Support Public Health Research and Decision-Making

CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (F. Yip, H. Strosnider)
China National Environmental Health Tracking (X. Shi)
EPHT Case study in Europe: air pollution and health (S. Medina)
Environmental health ethics – Human biomonitoring in EU (L.E. Knudsen)
Linking Environment and Health Data. Experiences from the Netherlands (O. Greugelmans, B. Staatsen)
Environmental health in industrially contaminated sites in Europe (COST Action IS1408)(I.Iavarone)
Breafing on "International conference on carbon monoxide risk assessment and management"

Epidemiological preparedness and response to environmental disasters

Introduction (P. Lauriola)
Preparing for and responding to environmental emergencies (A. F. Wolkin)
National Study of Flooding and Health (G. Leonardi)
The lesson learnt in the field of environmental-health investigation from the Seveso, Italy accident (D. Consonni)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in children and adolescents after the 2012 earthquakes in Emilia Romagna (Northern Italy). (G. Aggazzotti)
Lessons from the Emilia-Romagna earthquake to enhance resilience of local communities. Health impact (G. Carrozzi)
Lessons from the Emilia-Romagna (Italy) earthquake to enhance resilience of local communities: “TRANING” (P. Lauriola)
Health surveillance after natural disasters lessons learnt from Italian earthquakes (R. Pirastu)

INPHET Business Meeting